ADHD Diagnosis Can Double Risk of Premature Death, Researchers Say

While the statistic in the headline and in the article itself are certainly alarming, I think the most important thing to take away from it is that ADHD is a real condition with very real consequences, especially when left untreated. However, proper treatment can make a big difference with what happens on an individual level.As the article goes on to say, "Although talk of premature death will worry parents and patients, they can seek solace in knowing the absolute risk of premature death at an individual level is low and can be greatly reduced with treatment."It’s also worth noting that more than more than half of adults with ADHD also have a second co-occurring condition, such as anxiety, depression, or substance abuse. These carry their own risk factors and are important to treat as well. For many, an integrative approach including medication, cognitive behavior therapy, exercise, nutrition, etc, works best.